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The new Executive Committee of InterCafé-Burundi

On the 27th May, 2016 at Bujumbura Kings Conference Center was held the Ordinary General Assembly of InterCafé-Burundi. The objective of this meeting was to approve the new Executive Committee and the The President and the Vice-President who will be managing the InterCafé-Burundi for these next 3 years to come.

The following are the new members of the InterCafé-Burundi Executive Committee:

  1. Mr Macaire NTIRANDEKURA, representing Coffee farmers
  2. Mrs Françoise NGOZIRAZANA, representing coffee wet millers
  3. Mr Prosper Mérimée BIGIRINDAVYI, representing coffee wet millers
  4. Mr François NKURUNZIZA, representing coffee exporters
  5. Mrs Jacqueline KANEZA, representing Coffee farmers
  6. Mr Joseph NTIRABAMPA, representing Coffee farmers
  7. Mr Serges HAVYARIMANA , representing Coffee farmers
  8. Mr Anselme BINYOGOTO, representing Coffee farmers
  9. Mrs Hon. Angèle CIZA, representing coffee wet millers
  10. Mr Nicodème NGENDAKUMANA, representing coffee wet millers
  11. Mr Abdallah KHALFANI, representig Coffee dry millers
  12. Mr Bienvenu MUTWARE, representig Coffee dry millers
  13. Mr Nestor NIYUNGEKO, representing coffee roasters



Members of General Assembly of InterCafé

In the middle, the former President Mr NKURUNZIZA François leaving his chair to the new appointed President of InterCé-Burundi Mr NTIRANDEKURA Macaire on the left;  Mr BARANYIZIGIYE Oscar the Executive Secretary of InterCafé-Burundi on the right,


In the middle, the new President; on the left, Mrs NGOZIRAZANA Françoise Vice-President of InterCafé-Burundi


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