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Participation of Burundi delegation at 28th annual SCAA Expo which was held in Atlanta, Georgia from 13-17 April, 2016.

SCAA conference and exhibition is an important platform whereby more than 10 000 professional in coffee industry in the world do gather to interact. In the first instance, there is a symposium in which information on coffee industry in the world is provided to the audience. This information is related to research and business across the whole coffee value chain.

A delegation of people representing the Burundi coffee industry was present. Among this delegation the following companies were represented:

  • InterCafé Burundi
  •  Coffee Board
  • COWASA (wet millers’ association)
  •  COCOCA (cooperatives Consortium)
  •  Sogestals Companies
  •  IWACA (women coffee Association, Burundi Chapter)
  • Other private companies

A booth for “Café du Burundi” was set up. This allowed members of the delegation to interact with traditional and new buyers as well as other partners such as Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) and Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE).

Coffee samples were cupped at this booth and leaflets about the Burundi Coffee industry has been given to the audience.

Thank to the World Bank, which through its project PADZOC has provided financial support to InterCafé Burundi to obtain the booth and for its members to attend the symposium.



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