The Café du Burundi Library serves as a repository for documents, photos, videos and other materials that are relevant to our mission of providing sustainable growth and efficient functioning of Burundi’s coffee sector through easy access to reliable and up-to-date information. It includes publications and reports emerging from research & extension as well as analytical documents on the structure and transformation of the coffee sector itself, plus those pertaining to laws and regulations governing the coffee sector.

All of the resources included in this library are intended to enable stakeholders in the Burundi coffee sector to do their jobs more efficiently, make better planning and investment decisions, improve the lives and livelihoods of smallholder producers and make high quality coffee from Burundi available to consumers everywhere.

The contents of the library are organized into a limited number of functional categories that correspond so our user’s most pressing needs and interests.
They include:

    • Coffee Research. Research activities, analyses, data and reports aimed at finding solutions to problems and constraints facing stakeholders at all stages of the coffee value chain.


    • Coffee Extension. Best practices and other training materials in support of improved coffee production and processing.


    • Coffee Sector Laws and Regulations. Official public documents pertaining to government policy and the regulatory environment surrounding the coffee sector.


    • Coffee Sector Diagnostics. Analyses, assessments, evaluations and other diagnostic reports prepared in support of improved coffee sector performance.


    • Coffee Sector Development Activities. Reports on progress and new developments reported by coffee sector projects and programs.


    • Burundi Coffee in the Media. News articles and clips appearing in the popular media, trade journals and other outlets.