InterCafé Burundi is the coffee interprofessional association of Burundi. It is an association of all coffee stakeholders that operate in Burundi. These are: coffee producers, wet and dry millers, roasters and exporters. InterCafé is responsible for extension services, promotion, branding and marketing of Burundi coffee.

It is also a platform whereby members gather and find solutions on issues related to coffee industry in Burundi.Increase productivity and quality have been the top priorities of Intercafé. That is why efforts are being putting in replacing old coffee trees by multiplying seedlings, pruning and mulching. InterCafé Burundi is fully determined to make that best agricultural practices are done by coffee farmers.

That is why extension services have been reinforced by putting in place coffee technicians-one per 3 administrative hills. These technicians have to make sure that at least 30 coffee farmers per hill are followed and are applying best agricultural practices. From these chosen farmers or models, other coffee farmers can come and get insights about best agricultural practices. So recently, InterCafé Burundi has initiated a frame of collaboration between coffee farmers and wet millers.

This was a real deal as before there was a suspicious atmosphere between these two as producers were accusing wet millers of stilling them by giving them little money. But now, they have agreed that if they work together, productivity would increase, hence production per farm would rise and farmers can obtain good amount of money even if world market would be down.

It is expected that this collaboration would bring about a pretty good atmosphere to work in and take people back to the coffee field. It is now accepted that everyone working in the coffee sector has to put his effort to increase productivity and quality as it is believed that these two would at least increase the coffee farmers revenues. Therefore, this would be the source of incentives for farmers to continue to produce coffee.