Burundi Coffee Growers Confederation “CNAC-MURIMA W’ISANGI” is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2004 and registered under the name Rundi: Urunani Mpuzamashirahamwe y’Abarimyi b’Ikawa Rwego rw’Igihugu “CNAC-MURIMA W’ISANGI”.

The Confederation is structured from the bottom-up by the associations at the hills level, unions of associations, cooperatives, federations and the CNAC at national level. The structure is the following:

  1. 3226 Associations,
  2. 143 unions with statutes,
  3. 87 cooperatives that own commercial registers,
  4. 5 federations approved by the Ministerial Order. The federations are:

    – Federation SHIRAMAZINDA of Kirimiro region
    – Federation MFASHANGUFASHE of Muyinga and Kirundo provinces
    – Federation BONAKURE of Kayanza province
    – Federation NKORERANGUKIZE  of  Ngozi province
    – Federation MUCO W’IKAWA of MUMIRWA region

3 washing stations produce fully washed coffee (the first is located in Muyinga, the 2nd in Kayanza and the 3rd in Muramvya) and two are under construction in the province of Bururi and Gitega.

The survey of 2007 notes that about 600 000 households are coffee growers in which CNAC has 127,027 families of the associations. The ratio of women is 32 005 or 25%. (See the 2007 census).  The zone of action of the CNAC covers 14 of 17 provinces.


CNAC is looking for that coffee growers occupy a special place in the management and decision making in the coffee industry, coffee growers live with dignity in their families, in their communities and across the country. Coffee Growers are united and get a better quality production and their living condition is improving constantly.