Greenco is a multinational private company that works in Burundi Coffee sector since 2015.

It is professional in the production of specialty coffee in Burundi.

Its production is around 80 containers of green coffee per year in its 13 washing station.

Greenco works with around 40 000 farmes that supplies cherries from the two provinces that makes its scope of action namely Kayanza and Ngozi. GreenCo has a great socio economic impact.

Farmers that supply cherries at its washing stations benefit from incentive prices and premium along with extensive services related to capacity building at good farming practices, certiication (UTZ ans 4C) and supply of fertilizers and livestock to enhance the productivity of coffee as well.

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and the  Contact person

# Washing station Name Area Province Commune Altitude (m)  Procution in green 

GREENCO (s.a)     

Managaing Director:




        +257 61 28 90 90 

1 Butegana Buyenzi Kayanza Kayanza
2 Gahahe Buyenzi Kayanza Kayanza
3 Gakenke Buyenzi Kayanza Gatara
4 Kibingo Buyenzi Kayanza Kayanza
5 Masha Buyenzi Kayanza Gatara
6 Nemba Buyenzi Kayanza Kayanza      1 606 183
7 Rubagabaga Buyenzi Kayanza Gatara
8 Yandaro Buyenzi Kayanza Kabarore 
9 Kagoma Buyenzi Ngozi Nyamurenza
10 Nkaka Buyenzi Ngozi Mwumba
11 Nzove Buyenzi Ngozi Mwumba
12 Kinyana Buyenzi Ngozi Ngozi
13 Rugori Buyenzi Ngozi Busiga




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