and the  Contact person

# Washing station Name Area Province Commune

SUCCAM (s.a)    

Managing Director: 

Dieu Donne NGOWEMBONA       


Tel: +257 79 476 906

1 Rusekabye Mirwa Bubanza Musigati
2 Rugazi Mirwa Bubanza Rugazi
3 Mageyo Mirwa Bujumbura Mubimbi
4 Kirasa Mirwa Bujumbura Muhuta
5 Nyagashiha Mirwa Rumonge Burambi
6 Burambi  Mirwa Rumonge Burambi
7 Ruhora Mirwa Rumonge Burambi
8 Runyinya Mirwa Rumonge buyengero
9 Rubirizi Mirwa Rumonge buyengero
10 Kajabure Mirwa Bururi Bururi
11 Tongwe Mirwa Bururi Bururi

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