InerCafé -Burundi is the Coffee non-profit Interprofessional Association of Coffee Stakeholders in Burundi. It is legally acknowledged under the Ministerial Ordinance No 530/354 of 3rd March, 2010. It is a framework for consultation and decision for the coffee sector as a whole. Intercafé Burundi is responsible for extension services, promotion, branding and marketing of “Café du Burundi”.

INTERCAFE BURUNDI members are coffee producers, processors, roasters, wet millers and roasters and exporters.

InterCafé Burundi is managed by the Board of Directors (13 members) from all stakeholders i.e. 5 from coffee producers, 4 from wet millers, 2 from dry millers, 1 from exporters and another 1 from roasters; and the Secretariat of 10 members of staff


  •  To participate in the definition of long and middle term objectives of the coffee sector referring to sectorial  government policies
  • To serve as the first instance of arbitrage of all sorts of quarrels between coffee stakeholders
  • To be an interface body between coffee actors and national and international partners as well as government
  • Work jointly with the Coffee Board in the definition of quality norms and standards of coffee of Burundi origin
  • To conduct marketing and promotional actions at national and international level with the aim of linking coffee sellers with Buyers
  • Collaborate with the Coffee Board in the compilation of database related with Burundi Coffee Industry
  • Work jointly with the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock on issue related with coffee good agricultural practices and coordination of funding;
  • To improve quality productivity and increase the production of speciality coffee by 10% each year
  • Ensure that all coffee stakeholders are implementing and following the Protocole of traceability of Coffee for the sake of all in the value chain,
  • Defend and promote common interest of all coffee actors within the Country, at the regional and international scope
  • To ensure that all members professionals are complying with the market requirements

(e.g. certification, micro lots production etc.)


To be actor for the sustainable development of the Coffee Sector in Burundi, due to its independency, dynamism and inclusiveness.


Being a representative, a collective interest defender, InterCafé has the mission to ensure a harmonious prosperity for both the Coffee Sector and its members by contributing to the professionalization of the coffee sector.








InterCafé-Burundi is “the Key Actor for a Sustainable Development of the Coffee Sector of Burundi”